Development of iOS & Android apps on smartphones, tablets & wearables using native platforms (Objective-C & Swift for iOS, Java & Kotlin for Android) and React Native

  • Real-time Applications (FX Trading, Socket-based Apps)
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
  • Geo-aware (Online/Offline locators with real-time GPS capabilities)
  • Instant Messaging
  • Advanced Reporting, Graphing & Plotting
  • Beacons & iBeacons
  • Advanced Multimedia & 360-tours
  • Mobile Commerce (m-commerce)
  • Wearable Devices (Apple Watch & other gear)
  • Apple TV
  • Image Processing / Manipulation
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iPhone Android Mobile App Development

Development of enteprise-level responsive web applications using MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js), ReactJS and Java/Spring framework

  • Business Analytics & Business Intelligence applications
  • Real-time Dashboards & Advanced Visualization
  • Socket-based Chat Applications
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • E-commerce Portals (MEAN Stack or using WordPress/WooCommerce)
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning engines
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Development of 360 Virtual Tours, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Single Player / Multiplayer 2D/3D Games using Unity Engine, world’s leading game engine

  • Virtual Reality Games (Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard)
  • Augmented Reality Games (Projection-based, Recognition-based, Location-based, Superimposition-based)
  • 360 Virtual Tours and Walkthroughs
  • Single Player & Multiplayer Games
  • Different categories of 2D & 3D Games: Sports & Racing, Adventure & Action, Strategy & Word, Board, Card, Casino & Dice, Arcade, Maze & Puzzle, Education & Learning, Kids & Family Games
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VR AR Game Development

We develop and maintain smart Internet of Things (IoT) systems for Smart Cities & other industries

Eurisko Mobility offers advanced development for multiple IoT including:

  • Beacons & iBeacons
  • Smart Watches & Wearable devices
  • Connected home devices & appliances
  • Voice controlled speakers
  • Car screens and connected devices
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Internet of Things (IoT) Smart City Technology Development

Applying trends to usability… From research & wire-framing to cutting-edge design

We follow a customer-centric approach in order to deliver a cutting-edge User Experience:

  • Conducting extensive research on the latest design trends to stand-out from competition
  • Following the latest iOS, Android and web design guidelines and best practices
  • Creating interactive wireframes using the latest software and tools
  • Digitizing features and conducting usability testing sessions
  • Implementing a clear and meaningful design that provides the users with an enjoyable experience
  • Implementing a familiar, yet “out of the box” design, that stays ahead of your competitors and remains loyal to your customers
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UX UI User Experience User Interface Design

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