Intelligent PFM solution that can run stand-alone or integrate with existing API-ready platforms

Eurisko Personal Finance Manager (PFM) is a turnkey integration-ready solution that runs on multiple platforms (native iOS/Android, responsive web, wearables, smart TV). The solution provides a wide array of customer-centric PFM features, analytical insights & recommendations, Eurisko’s PFM can be fully controlled using an intuitive administrative panel

PFM Advantages

This is what makes our Personal Finance Manager stand out of competition

PFM Components

Building blocks of Eurisko Personal Finance Manager (PFM)

Smart Enrollment

Interactive survey to define customer profile based on monthly income, age, marital status, lifestyle and interests

Transaction Categorization & Management

Transactions are automatically categorized using a smart engine and user can personalize transactions & categories

Adaptive Categorization

Smart Machine Learning engine that enhances auto-categorization process by interacting with multiple systems

Interactive Visualization

Multi-chart for interactive visualization with dynamic filtering and instant drill-down capabilities

Peer Comparison

Data Mining engine that seamlessly segments customers based on profile attributes


Ability to set global budget based on income, categorized spending limit and instant smart notifications

Smart Planning

Ability to create, manage and track in real-time saving goals with target budgets dates

Alerts & Notifications

Real-time push notifications on critical events & in-app notifications & suggestions on every app visit


Ability to create events (holidays, trips etc…) and view real-time summary & statistics

Chat-bot Ready

An optional chat-bot interface can be provided for assisting customers in enrollment and providing real-time insights


Ability to dynamically change translation for every language using an intuitive Content Management System

Exporting & Sharing

Ability to export reports & charts in multiple supported formats (spreadsheets, images, PDF)

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