Fully Customizable E-Commerce Platform

Eurisko E-Commerce platform is a turnkey integration-ready solution that runs on responsive web, iOS and Android. The solution provides a wide array of customer-centric features, analytical insights & recommendations. Eurisko’s E-Commerce can be fully controlled using an intuitive administrative panel and the interface can be customized based on client-specific branding guidelines

E-commerce Platform Advantages

This is what makes our E-commerce Platform a perfect enterprise-level choice

Main Components

Building blocks of Eurisko E-Commerce Platform

Simplied Onboarding & Guest Mode

Customers can sign up using email, Facebook, Google or checkout as guest

Shopping Cart & Coupons

Products can be added to cart across all platforms and users can apply promo codes & coupons

Product Search & Filtering

An advanced search engine allows users to easily find products and filter based on multiple attributes

Dynamic Attributes, Categories & Tags

Products can be assigned dynamic categories, tags, attributes and can have multiple variations

Flexible Shipping

Shipping can be dynamically defined based on product dimensions, geographical zones and can have multiple classes

Multiple Payment Gateways

Our platform is integrated with all leading payment gateways and supports integration with any API-ready gateway

Smart Recommendation

Users receive smart product recommendations based on their browsing history, wishlist and purchase history

Product Ratings & Reviews

Verified buyers have the ability to rate products based on multiple criteria and write reviews


Our platform can be fully localized to support multiple languages, currencies and timezones

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