Dynamic Onboarding solution that can run stand-alone or integrate with existing API-ready CRM systems

Eurisko Digital Onboarding System is a turnkey integration-ready solution that runs on iOS & Android tablets/smartphones, responsive web. The solution allows creation and management of dynamic KYC forms, progressive saving and integration with 3rd-party CRM systems.

System Advantages

This is what makes our Digital Onboarding System a unique solution

System Components

Building blocks of Eurisko Digital Onboarding System

Customizable Forms

All KYC forms, fields and layouts can be dynamically managed

Progressive Saving

All blocks and fields can be saved and edited incrementally

Dynamic Rules

All business rules can be dynamically changed in a well-structured centralized repository


Our Digital Onboarding System is pre-equipped with compliance-ready forms


All labels and messages can be edited and localized in multiple languages

Bot Interface

The whole onboarding journey can be performed using intelligent web & mobile bots

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