SaradarBank is a Lebanon-based bank with a strong heritage and an excellent quality of service and expertise. The Bank features an integrated range of premier financial services in the fields of private, commercial, and retail banking. Client onboarding is a critical stage where banks have the chance to initiate a long-term and trusted relationship. Eurisko Mobility was trusted to come up with a smart, quick and user-friendly process for clients to digitally get on-board


Eurisko Mobility conducted an extensive market study in order to conceptualize a fully digital onboarding system for banks. Our UX/UI team relied on last trends in usability in order to construct a highly intuitive, engaging and entertaining user experience. Multiple rounds of testing are to be performed with focus groups in order to achieve the optimal user interface


Eurisko Mobility developed a fully responsive web-based user interface with progressive saving, dynamic forms & fields and ability to integrate with 3rd-party CRM systems. A fully dynamic data model was implemented in order to cater for the large KYC structure required by banks and financial institutions. Moreover, existing customers have the opportunity to direct apply for loans and cards, which made our solution Lebanon’s first fully digital onboarding / product enrollment solution


Main Features

Being the first of its kind in the region, Saradar’s Digital Onboarding System had a lot of unique features

Saradar Digital Onboarding System