Project Description


Banque Libano-Francaise has already made its appearance in the Digital Banking market. To keep-up with its fierce competition, BLF needed to upgrade its digital presence and provide ultimate mobility, quality client-oriented services and meet high security standards. With its deep understanding of the banking industry and considerable experience in iOS , Android and Enterprise Web development, Eurisko Mobility was trusted to design and develop a new banking experience for BLF.


Our main strategy was to build a digital platform that not only provides a better experience for BLF customers, but reaches new potential users. By relying on latest usability, design and development trends, we aimed to develop cutting-edge mobile & web banking channels on top of our Digital Experience Platform.


With the help of BLF team, Eurisko Mobility was indulged in the full cycle of digital banking development, from defining and analyzing requirements through design and prototyping to implementation, testing and market release. With a goal to enrich the user experience, My BLF Experience was designed to allow the customer perform a wide range of financial operations such as checking their account balances, viewing their categorized transactions, performing instant transfers, reporting fraud and communicating with the customer service.


Main Features

With an average of 4+/5 rating on both stores, up to 50,000 BLF and non-BLF user downloads, the app was able to make a remarkable step in the digital world due to its wide range of services and features

BLF Digital Experience Platform