Project Description


Azadea Group is a premier lifestyle retail company that owns and operates more than 50 leading international franchise concepts across the Middle East and Africa.​ With more than 12000 employees distributed across multiple branches, a new channel for internal communications was needed to keep their employees engaged


Our teams conducted extensive research and reached that employees would use a mobile app for employee engagement if provided and managed by their employers​. Eurisko Mobility worked on an enterprise-level app that combines ease of use, latest trends and optimal usability


Our main goal is to keep internal employees informed, aware and productive so they can be more efficient in their daily tasks. We also designed an intuitive interface for automating and managing complex HR tasks​. Moreover, building a social workspace was equally important so we developed a feature-reach social & messaging platform


Main Features

Some of the features that made Azadeans one of the most advanced Employee Engagement platforms in the Middle East

Azadeans Employee Engagement Platform Mobile Apps