Alballam Group wanted to build a cutting-edge Video On Demand (VOD) platform for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. The platform needs to intuitive, extremely secure and fast enough to handle hundreds of thousands of active users.


In order to ensure a seamless app experience, our UX/UI team worked closely with Alballam Group team and gathered all the product requirements. We also conducted an extensive market research on the topic in order to identify the latest trends, optimal user experience and most engaging features.


Our main approach was developing a native mobile app that works on smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. The back-end was built based on microservice architecture in order to ensure optimal performance and scalability. Intensive security testing was performed on both front-end and back-end in order to prevent potential hacking attempts, especially with the subscription-based model of the platform.


Main Features

Alballam Group’s app is used by hundreds of thousands of daily active users from all over the world