Our award-winning teams in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and United States combine the latest trends in User Experience / User Interface design, Development, CI/CD & Testing in order to deliver Cutting-edge Software Products

What We Do

We are Lebanon’s #1 Web Development, Mobile App Development & Game Development agency with more than 200 enterprise-level success stories all over the world. Our award-winning teams are expert in Agile & SCRUM methodology, are multilingual, have great communication & critical thinking skills and work in onshore and offshore models.

Our expertise covers a wide range of industries, from FinTech and Business Analytics, to Innovation Technology, Gaming & Entertainment. Our continuously evolving technology stack includes the latest trends in software development allowing us to deliver top-notch native mobile apps, responsive enterprise-level web applications and portals, 2D & 3D single and multi-player games, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality solutions and Smart City systems based on Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence.

Our engineers undergo continuous training in software development trends & best practices, latest breakthroughs in automation using DevSecOps tools and quality assurance (functional testing, performance testing, security testing). We believe that User Experience is one of the most essential and dynamic aspects of Software Development, hence our UX/UI experts ensure continuous evaluation and usability testing of our digital products in order to achieve optimal quality and end-user satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence & Smart Cities

Our Innovation Technology labs combine advanced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning engines with Internet of Things (IoT) & Connected Sensors in order to deliver real-time Smart City technology. Complemented by native mobile development & enterprise web development expertise, Smart City systems offer rich dashboards and visualization capabilities that allows real-time reporting, alerting and monitoring. Smart City solutions include:

  • Smart Forest: AI-powered system for protecting forests against fires
  • Smart Water: real-time system for monitoring potable water quality
  • Smart Environment: for monitoring pollution and air quality
  • Smart Road: intelligent system for monitoring traffic, road safety
  • Smart Building: advanced access control, real-time monitoring of buildings

Our Products

Our product suite includes cutting-edge turnkey solutions built using latest trends in software development, user experience & design, Microservice architecture and DevSecOps automation

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Our Clients

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